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Working together to strengthen our community by inspiring people to lead.
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Leadership After Hours at Derek Gores Gallery
Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Leadership Action Project Presentations: An Evening of Community Impact
Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Leadership Brevard Class of 2018 Graduation & LEAD Brevard's Annual Meeting
Thursday, May 10, 2018
Leadership Brevard Class of 2018 Session Update
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Connect, reconnect, and engage with some of the most passionate, influential,
and positive-thinking leaders in Brevard and join LEAD Brevard for
Leadership After Hours at the Derek Gores Gallery located in the Eau Gallie Arts District!


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Leadership Brevard Class of 2018 Graduation & LEAD Brevard's Annual Meeting
Honoring the 2018 Leadership Brevard Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient
LEAD Brevard's Board of Directors invite you to celebrate 33 years of community building with the Leadership Brevard Class of 2018 graduating class, the recipient of the 2018 Leadership Brevard Distinguished Alumni Award, and LEAD Brevard's new and returning board members. 
The Evening of Thursday, May 10, 2018
Space Coast Association of REALTORS® Building
 2950 Pineda Plaza Way, Palm Shores, FL 32940
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Sponsorships are available. Contact Kristin Bakke at Kristin@LEADBrevard.org or 321-632-8222.


Class of 2018 Session Update

"All members of the society live in one of four regions, designated Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.”

                                                            Simulated Society Fifth Edition Participant’s Manual pg. 7


Definition of keep
\ˈkept\; keeping
transitive verb
to refrain from revealing


While almost every (B.C.E.) Leadership Brevard class has experienced “SimSoc” via their Leadership Brevard program; it’s common alumni knowledge that the details of the session is a ‘secret’ for future program class members.  In fact, it’s held in such confidence that you may have deliberately misled current or future participants about what it actually is! 

From the manual – SIMSOC has been developed to make social science more vivid to adults in leadership training programs.  It focuses on what is perhaps the most central problem for a student of society: the establishment and maintenance of social organization. SIMSOC attempts to create a situation in which participants must actively question the nature of the social order and examine the processes of social conflict and social control.  As an inevitable by-product, participants finds themselves dealing with a host of issues, including interpersonal trust, leadership, “deviant” behavior, social protest and power relations.
The best way to summarize the session then – without divulging too much information – is to share several of the comments from the summary evaluation in answers to questions posed –

From today’s session, what was the most valuable “take away”?

  • Misunderstandings cause severe damage in society.
  • Communications, assumptions. 
  • My perception has changed…
  • Lack of communication would lead to the demise of society.
  • Importance of communication and organization; the message matters but so does the messenger; knowing what the needs are so they can adequately be met.
  • Hearing the perspectives from the different sectors of the population; everyone is trying to do the best they can with the resources they have. 
  • That communication is vital for a community to be successful.
  • True collaboration is challenging but imperative to a healthy and prosperous society.
  • Good communication takes time.

What assumptions did we challenge? What’s ‘new thinking’ for you as a result of today’s session?  

  • That we all have same opportunities.
  • Trust not only my team but trusting the groups/organizations our reputation was on built on, trust with other groups.
  • Challenged how many times we make ‘assumptions’ w/o communicating.
  • That my charity is valuable; I will reconsider from now on – Is this to make me feel better or is this really what the recipient needs/wants?
  • That you must listen to others, communication is key and everyone has their struggles.
  • Everyone does not understand your position, even when you actually have the same goals.

New in 2018; Leadership Brevard invited local subject matter experts in the social services area and working in small groups, translated the SIMSOC experience into real life in our community. 

Special thanks to –

James Brown (LB 2013), Transitions Commute Solutions

David Brubaker (LB 2012), Sharing Center

Rob Cramp, Housing for Homeless

Libby Donoghue (LB 1992), 2-1-1 Brevard

Alecia Blattler (LB 2008), United Way of Brevard and

LaShaundra McGhee, Aging Matters in Brevard/Meals on Wheels.
Pictured left to right: Vinnie Taranto, LEAD Brevard Board Member (LB 2014), Alecia Blattler (LB 2008), United Way of Brevard; James Brown (LB 2013), Transitions Commute Solutions; LaShaundra McGhee, Aging Matters in Brevard/Meals on Wheels; Rob Cramp, Housing for Homeless; David Brubaker (LB 2012), Sharing Center; and Libby Donoghue (LB 1992), 2-1-1 Brevard.


If this strikes you as the kind of experience you want for yourself and/or for member(s) of your team; pre-register now for the Leadership Brevard class of 2019!   


Friday Feature! "I am LEAD Brevard" 
LEAD Brevard wants to feature you!
LEAD Brevard’s mission is working together to strengthen our community by inspiring people to lead.  To showcase the impact ‘YOU’, as Leadership Brevard alumni, are making in our community, LEAD Brevard is gathering the stories of the connections and successes that you have.
The information you share will be used to tell the community –
“Here’s what we have accomplished.”
To share your story:
or visit: https://leadbrevard.z2systems.com/np/clients/leadbrevard/survey.jsp?surveyId=38&


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